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Transport services

Transport services of our company are used by as large logistics operators with loading from 50 containers per week, as private customers with one container. The geography of our service is extensive. The organization of transport is part of our daily routine.
Transport services
"One way shipment"
Transport service types:
The most environmentally friendly and rational form of transport.
Thanks to a wide network of carriers, we plan to deliver your container from point A to point B as efficiently as possible, so that you do not have to pay for empty kilometers.
Most often, this service involves import or export international shipments. Read more in our blog about this service.
Geography of this service:
Other logistics companies
Delivery and installation
Delivery of a container with a truck crane or manipulator is a service that we can offer to customers who purchase a container for ownership or lease.
Trucks with small or large manipulators, as well as side-loading loaders, will ensure the installation of containers in the most inaccessible locations.
Geography of this service:
Baltic States
North America
Small and medium businesses
Construction companies
We are always ready to advise and select the transport you need
Our transport
Container platform, chassis or semi-trailer
Small-sized auto manipulators (platform with fittings or sides)
The semi-trailer is equipped with fittings and is designed to carry 20ft, 40ft and 45ft sea containers.
Used for transportation: 20ft/10ft sea containers or rail containers.
Body length: 6-7.5 m
Carrying capacity: 10-15 t
Unloading radius: up to 9-12 m
Frontal or parallel discharge
The design of the semi-trailers also allows transporting high containers (High Cube), while not exceeding the total train height of 4000 mm.
Large-sized auto manipulators
Used for transportation: 40ft/45ft sea containers or rail containers.
Body length: 12-13.7 m
Carrying capacity: 17-21 t
Unloading radius: 12-14 m
Frontal or parallel unloading
Sideloader is a cargo semi-trailer equipped with two hydraulic lifts.
Carrying capacity: up to 32 t
Parallel unloading up to 1 m
Loading or unloading of containers is carried out on the left (from the driver's side) up to 1 meter from the truck.
Sideloader is capable of loading or unloading containers from another container ship, platform or ramp.
This telescopic semitrailer allows you to transport practically all sizes of sea containers: 20'; 40'; 45'; as well as various types of containers: Open Top, Tank or Flat Track containers, Reefer containers and others.
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