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Special containers

Double door container
Open top container
Open side container
Double-leaf doors on both sides;
Loading and unloading from both sides;
Ideal for storing goods, it can also be divided into compartments with a separate entrance.
Specifically designed for the transport of heavy loads that are best loaded from above or loads exceeding the height or dimensions of the container;
Removable tarpaulin canopy and fixing rings;
We also provide spare parts for this type of container.
Suitable for transportation and storage;
Depending on the model of the container, they have different and varied front door openings;
One side can be fully or partially open on one or both sides by means of a hinged door section.
Flat rack
Heavy-duty container base;
Designed for the transportation of heavy cargo, usually outside the container;
The design allows the container to be completely folded and used as a platform;
You can load equipment, both from above - and from the side;
Containers in the assembly can be stored on top of each other, thereby reducing the cost of storing empty containers.
Tank, cisterns
Mainly used for the transport of liquids and gases;
The container consists of a frame and an integrated tank;
There are various types of tanks specially designed for the transport of chemicals, fuel or food;
Tanks can also be equipped with heating and cooling elements;
Loading is carried out through the central hatch located on top of the tank;
Unloading is carried out through the outlet valve into the base of the tank.
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