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Construction from sea containers

Construction from containers
The architecture and construction of sea dry cargo containers is becoming more and more in demand and popular in various countries.

A sea container is a convenient cargo container, but it is also a ready-made module, on the basis of which practical and inexpensive objects can be built.

Not long ago, we thought that sea containers are only suitable for arranging temporary storage areas, mobile shops and construction cabins, but today, permanent residences, household, administrative buildings, exhibition complexes, shopping centers, office buildings are constructed from sea containers.

Standardized dimensions, convenient shape and strength of metal containers allow the construction of two- and even three-story structures, embodying original architectural solutions.
Advantages of building from shipping containers
Advantages of container buildings over permanent structures:
  • Installation speed
    The sea container has a ready-made level of factory readiness, which allows you to quickly erect ready-made buildings from block containers;
  • Implementation of any architectural ideas
    Modules can be connected to each other along long and short walls, combined into a single complex using awnings, put on top of each other, tilt. If necessary, extra blocks can be removed or, conversely, new ones can be added;
  • Installation in hard-to-reach areas
    Possibility of erecting buildings in areas with difficult terrain, steep slopes, in cramped conditions, areas with high seismic activity;
  • Mobility
    The ability to move to a new location;
  • Cost
    Lower construction cost compared to the construction of capital buildings;
  • Simplified registration procedure
    Depending on the project, it is possible to avoid the need to obtain a building permit;
  • Light type foundations
    The ability to use foundations of light types that do not require significant financial costs for the construction - tape, pile, columnar;
  • Compatibility with other structures
    Organic combination with structures made of other materials;
  • Installation work at any time of the year
Containers are resistant to low temperatures and other adverse weather conditions, therefore, container construction technology is not limited to certain climatic conditions.

Subject to the creation of effective thermal insulation and the construction of the heating system, buildings made of block-containers can be operated in almost any latitude.
Cons of building from shipping containers
  • Transportation costs for the delivery of containers to the construction site;
  • The need for effective anti-corrosion treatment;
  • The need to use lifting construction equipment for installation work;
  • You cannot save on insulation and laying all the necessary engineering communications when converting containers into year-round houses
The solutions we offer:
Construction of residential buildings from containers
In Eastern Europe, containers are increasingly used in the construction of summer cottages, guest houses and even country houses for permanent residence. But in Western Europe and the United States, containers are often used to construct budget housing for students and young families.

For insulating metal modules, polyurethane foam (PPU) or extruded polystyrene foam (EPS) in plates are used most often. The combined method is effective, in which EPPS plates are mounted on the walls, and then PPU is sprayed on them.

For the exterior of such buildings, lining is often used, and for the interior - plasterboard sheets. Other options are also possible.

Additionally, services are provided for the installation of roofing and utilities - heating systems, power supply, autonomous water supply and sewerage - depending on the purpose of the building.
Interior decoration
Outdoor decoration
Office from containers
Offices from containers are very popular today; the company can temporarily or permanently settle them in a strategically important location - in a tourist place, a place with high traffic or vice versa in a place where capital construction is not possible. The main thing is that such a project can be easily mothballed and transported to another location if necessary.
Modular offices can be connected to centralized water supply, sewerage, power supply systems, or they can be completely autonomous.

High-quality thermal insulation in combination with heating and ventilation systems makes it possible to create a comfortable indoor climate at any time of the year.
Other commercial projects for small and medium businesses
If you are thinking about your own business, pay attention to practical and functional projects based on shipping containers - such solutions are used by hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses across Europe. What projects can you implement?
  • Retail outlets, small shops, kiosks or concept showrooms;
  • Rental offices of sports equipment, bicycles, scooters or other goods for outdoor activities;
  • Mobile or stationary laboratories used to determine the quality of petroleum products, building mixtures and mortars, and other strategically important materials;
  • Public catering business: bars, cafes, restaurants. In the warm season, you can arrange a summer terrace on the roof, and for the winter all equipment can be removed indoors;
  • Security posts, administrative buildings;
  • Car services, car washes and tire shops;
  • Small equipment repair shops - bicycles, mopeds, scooters, ATVs.
Which container to choose for construction
For construction from containers, 20ft (6 meters), 40ft (12 meters) and 45ft (13 meters) containers are most often used. The height and width for standard containers of these types are 2.4 and 2.35 meters. There are also containers of increased capacity, higher and wider. We will offer you all the options.

One container will be enough to create a small workshop, cafe or storage room. Two, three or more containers can be used to build a summer house, a commercial facility and much more.
We invite you to come to us for a cup of coffee to discuss your idea. Since each separate object is individual, the cost will depend on the area, complexity, as well as the location of the project.
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